Just One More Page…

‘Anyone who says they have only one life to live must not know how to read a book.’

–Author Unknown


I love bookstores and libraries and boxes full of books from garage sales, tables with books in thrift stores.  Oh, how I love books! New ones, never opened before, writing my name in it and the date and how I got it.

I like old books with the same kind of writings in it, done by other people who loved that book.  I look for beautiful covers and pretty illustrations, children’s books and cookbooks are favorites. I shelf them at home and leave through them or re-read them.DSC_8173

Most of my private little library is still in boxes at the moment. Just a few more weeks…

These two beauties are my latest finds.


Ik hou van boekwinkels en bibliotheken en dozen vol boeken van garagesales en tafels met boeken in rommelwinkels. Oh, ik hou van boeken! Nieuwe, nog nooit eerder geopend, en dan de naam erin schrijven en hoe ik eraan kwam.

Ik hou van oude boeken, waar iemand anders die ooit van dat boek hield op dezelfde manier in schreef. Ik hou van mooie omslagen en aardige illustraties, kinder-, en kookboeken zijn favoriet. Thuis zet ik ze netjes op de plank en dan blader ik er nog eens door of lees ze nog eens.


De meeste boeken van mijn kleine privé bibliotheek zitten nog in dozen op dit moment. Nog een paar weken…

Deze twee schatjes zijn mijn laatste vondsten.

Love and Liefs, Johanna.

ps what is your favorite children’s  book?

ps wat is jouw favoriete kinderboek?



10 thoughts on “Just One More Page…

  1. I love books, too! It’s my weakness, especially at garage sales. In fact, my husband and I have picked up so many books, we’ve had to stop for a while! Somewhere around here I think I still have a box of those children’s books like your Best of… that is pictured. They published all kinds of children’s stories. Now you’ve got me wondering where on earth we put those! 🙂

  2. Well…can’t really have too much books, what? I try to live by the rule: ” something in, than something must go out!” So sometimes, I am brave an select those that can go to a new home and donate them. Something to do with almost closed eyes, other they fly back on the shelves;0) Johanna
    ps still reading on your blog, it feels like a novel! I enjoy your writing skills and learn so much about our new country!

  3. The “Best in Children’s Books” volume brought back so many memories! I was quite ill with measles in 1961, and had to stay home from school. I remember my father bringing me my first book, and told me he had subscribed to the series for me. Those books introduced me to “A Christmas Carol” by Dickens and classic children’s picture books. There was always a geography feature about some country. They all seemed so exotic to a little girl growing up in central Oregon. I can’t tell you how much that present affected my love of books and reading!

  4. Glad to have brought back such happy memories! My mother was always very encouraging to us reading and generous when it came to magazine subscriptions and buying books. I certainly passed that on the my own two sons and I am convinced it helped my youngest battling his dyslexia.

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