Right…where was I?

Myohmy, what a lovely, quiet Holidays we had. I just could not get enough of it!

With our sons visiting us, Mr. Poste having days of, the gorgeous winter weather…what more do you want?


Tjongejonge, wat een heerlijk, rustige Kersttijd was dat. Ik kon er maar niet genoeg van krijgen! Onze jongens op bezoek, Meneer Poste had vrije dagen, t heerlijke winterweer…wat wil je nog meer?

There was lots of reading and more crocheting.


Lekker veel lezen en meer haken.

Baked pies and ate them.

DSC_2048 DSC_2050

Taarten bakken en dan opeten.

After being attacked earlier in the year, Charley stayed scared of other dogs. She went back to school and graduated with flying colors. Now she even plays with other dogs again!


Nadat Charley was aangevallen eerder dit jaar, bleef ze angstig naar andere honden. Ze ging terug naar school en slaagde met vlag en wimpel. Nu speelt ze zelfs weer met andere honden!

I was working hard to prepare for going back to school too…more about that later.


En ik werkte ook hard om weer terug naar school te gaan…meer daarover later.

And there was emergency knitting! More about that later too.


En breien voor een noodgeval was ook aan de orde! Ook daar meer over later.

Have a Great Weekend!

Love and Liefs, Johanna.


17 thoughts on “Right…where was I?

    • Thanks Anne, and how is your new study of technical writing going? I hope you really enjoy it. I can not wait to start my classes…but they have been postponed till February. Be still my inpatient heart;0)

    • art classes: drawing, color pencil drawing and calligraphy to start with. I would like to develop ‘illustrative art skills’ I am not sure where it all will lead but I am happy that I finally figured what to do;0) How are things with your studies though?

      • Sounds wonderful!! I hope you post some of your work here. My course starts tomorrow. It is an online course, so I can work in my jammies between taking my daughter to and from school. I am nervous for all the work involved…it is a very technical program, but I know it will be good for me!

      • Following your blog for a while now and I am sure you will do fine. But I will send some extra good vibes to Ottawa for good luck! And studying with tea at hand and jammies still on: delicious! Go for it!

    • Charley says ‘Thank you, thank you’ ! Her teacher is amazing, he also works at the Zoo and trains penguins…dogs must be easypeasy to him;0) Charley says hello too to all your lovely critters. And a nice compliment from a talented photographer makes my day!

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