Happy Thanksgiving!

Sisters are Friends for a Lifetime! (from a little sign send to me by one of my sisters a few years ago)


While we celebrate all things we are thankful for, I will give an extra thought to my two fantastic sisters..all the way in The Netherlands.

Here a little example of sisterly love. I made these cards for no other reason than that I like to embroider and like to send postcards. And I often tease my family that they receive so many more postcards than I do ;0)

However, on the day I mailed these cards to my sisters…what do I find in my mailbox. Right, a simply just-because-I-love-you card from one of my sisters! ( It says ‘ Big Kiss from your Sis’)


Terwijl we hier in Amerika alle dingen vieren waarvoor we dankbaar zijn, denk ik even extra aan mijn twee fantastische zusters….helemaal in Nederland.

Hier een klein voorbeeld van zusterlijke liefde. Ik had deze kaarten gemaakt gewoon omdat ik graag borduur en graag een kaartje verstuur. En ik plaag mijn familie nog weleens dat zij zoveel meer kaartjes ontvangen dan ik;0)

Maar op de dag dat ik mijn kaartjes verstuur…vind ik deze in de brievenbus. Juist,een gewoon-omdat-ik-je-zo-lief-vindt kaartje van een van mijn zusters!

Love and Liefs, Johanna.


15 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. So many things to say about this lovely post, but for now: 1. Your cards are beautiful!! I haven’t seen such pretty embroidery!
    2. I am also thankful for my two beautiful sisters. 3. Happy Thanksgiving! Are you having Turkey??

  2. Thank you so much Ann! It is only Mr. Poste and I today and we are having dainty table grilling for two which we both are looking forward too! Christmas will bring a Turkey dinner and guests at the table. BTW your wish for a little snow in Cincinnati worked: we just came home from a wonderful hike in two inches of pretty sparkling snow. thank you!!! Hugs from Ohio.

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