Blue Ridge Parkway


When I was on ‘my break’, it was not all work, thank goodness. The love of my life and I also went on a road trip. We drove part of the Blue Ridge Parkway.


Toen ik ‘mijn break’ nam, was t gelukkig niet alleen maar werk. De liefde van mijn leven en ik maakten ook een roadtrip. We reden een gedeelte van de Blue Ridge Parkway.


Especially, on the cold morning these photos were taken, was it breath taking beautiful!


Speciaal op de koude morgen toen deze foto’s werden gemaakt, was t adembenemend mooi!


Everything was covered in frost. It was really cold but worth it!


Alles was bedekt met een laagje rijp. Het was echt wel koud maar t helemaal waard.


We stayed in a pretty village called Blowing Rock..if only for the name!


We verbleven in een lieflijk plaatsje dat Blowing Rock heet… alleen de naam al!

Love and Liefs, Johanna



15 thoughts on “Blue Ridge Parkway

  1. I drove this with my parents some 30 years ago! Three little girls in the back seat of an old car…bumping along these beautiful roads, stopping at road side viewpoints to take in the vistas, and eating at all-American diners. Thanks for the memories.

    • Well, how about that! I have two older sisters and I too have such fond memories with us sitting in the backseat of the car and my sisters singing ‘hippie songs’ from Leonard Cohen and Joni Mitchell .

    • Thank you Kerry, that is a lovely compliment. There was some ice/frost in patches. I don’t like driving that much but my husband is the dare devil who likes a drive with challenges;0) I rather sit next to him and knit;0)

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