More from the Zoo

‘Some people talk to animals. Not many listen though. That’s the problem.’

― A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

I have to share a few more photo’s with you from our visit to the Cincinnati Zoo.


Ik moet nog een paar foto’s met jullie delen van ons bezoek aan de Cincinnati Zoo.

These flamingos were hand fed as chicks and completely at ease with humans. The young people walking with them are their trainers and they talked so proudly and lovingly about ‘their birds’. The flamingos help out in educational programs and give an unforgettable experience to young children ( and adults;0))


Deze flamingo’s zijn met de hand gevoerd als kuikens en helemaal op hun gemak in aanwezigheid van mensen. De jongelui die hier met de vogels meewandelen zijn de trainers en ze spraken zo trots en liefdevol over ‘hun’ vogels. De flamingo’s worden gebruikt in educatieve programma’s en geven zo een onvergetelijke ervaring aan jonge kinderen ( en volwassenen ;0))

This young fellow had just been playing with a bucket of mud, that is why his beak is brown instead of black and pink. To me it looks like a chocolate milk mustache;0)


Deze jongeman had net met een emmer met modder gespeeld, daarom is zijn snavel bruin in plaats van roze en zwart. Het lijkt net op zo’n chocolademelk snor ;0)

The Gorillas had all kind of toys to play with, but this morning they were very busy with flannel sheets. I recognized a kindred spirit in this young girl: using her sheet as a pretty table cloth and eating a healthy salad!


De gorilla’s hadden allerlei soorten speelgoed maar deze morgen waren ze druk in de weer met flanellen lakens. Ik herkende een geestverwant in dit jonge meisje: ze gebruikt haar laken als een mooi tafelkleedje en eet een gezonde salade!

And than this quite enormous lizard. The poor fellow was owned privately by a person who did not realize how big (and hungry) this creature was about to become. He was found severely malnourished and neglected. His crooked tail is a reminder of this sad period of his life! After his rescue,he found a loving home at the Zoo.


En dan deze tamelijk grote hagedis. De arme jongen was een prive bezit van iemand die zich niet gerealiseerd had hoe groot (en hongerig) dit dier zou worden. Toen hij ontdekt werd, was hij ernstig ondervoed en verwaarloosd. Zijn gekreukelde staart is een herinnering aan deze treurige periode! Na zijn redding,vond hij een liefdevol thuis in de Zoo.

I was amazed how much personality he has and how warm he felt. He loves going for walks and the company of people. He was shedding at the moment and thoroughly enjoyed a good scratching. It was hilarious to see that whenever I stopped,he immediately walked after me for more. Lesson learned: lizards are affectionate and cuddly creatures!


Ik was verbaasd hoeveel persoonlijkheid hij heeft en hoe warm hij aanvoelde. Hij houdt van wandelen en t gezelschap van mensen. Hij was net aan t vervellen en genoot van t krabbelen en aaien. T was hilarisch te zien dat telkens als ik stopte, hij direct achter me aan liep voor meer. Lesje geleerd: hagedissen zijn aanhankelijke en knuffelige wezens!

Love and Liefs, Johanna.



8 thoughts on “More from the Zoo

  1. I know zoos have become somewhat controversial but if it weren’t for zoos there are numerous animals that I would never be able to see. But I really have mixed emotions about caging them. At the same time, they are well fed and cared for. Probably not much difference in my having house cats that I won’t let roam. sigh…

  2. I absolutely share your concerns. A Zoo that is just a collection of animals shown in little cages is not of this day and age anymore. Even as little child, I could not enjoy a school trip to the zoo and my mother was furious with me when I let her budgies fly as a 4 year old. My defense ‘they told me they wanted to fly’, was met with more lecturing ;0) I have no caged animals myself and my eggs and meats are organic.
    But I am happy to tell you, Cincinnati Zoo is part of a group of world wide Zoos with a different and modern approach. The animals are in spacious quarters, resembling their natural environment as close as possible. Scientific research, careful breeding programs to help protect endangered species and educational programs are the tasks of these Zoos. The beautiful gardens makes it all extra attractive. One of my personal friends works at this Zoo, already for more than 20 years.
    Linda, I really hope this has re-assured you and that you feel better now.I know you are great with all your rescue animals! Lots of love, Johanna.

  3. The zoo looks like a lot of fun. Somehow the picture of the gorilla made me think if the book by Daniel Quinn called Ismael. This photo would be the perfect illustration for that book. It was a novel about a wise gorilla that shared his knowledge with a person.

  4. Shoot–I thought I commented on this days ago, from my phone, but I see it didn’t “take.” These are great pictures and I like seeing that the zoo looks so modern and gives the animals space. And I love that you got to scratch the lizard!

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