Ohlalalaundry Room

‘Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.’

-William Morris


When we moved to our new home, I promised myself that this time I would decorate every room nicely.

So here I show of my ohlalalaundry room. A bit too tiny to photograph properly but everyone knows what a washing machine, dryer and sink looks like;0) However, I decided to make it pretty with a little chest of drawers and a cozy shelf with the collection my Dutch souvenirs. And I really like the shape of my watering can ( 50 cents at a thrift store = score!)


Toen we verhuisden naar ons nieuwe huis, had ik mezelf beloofd dat ik deze keer alle kamers prettig ging inrichten.


Dus even opscheppen over mijn nieuwe ohlala-washok. Een beetje te klein om goed te fotograferen maar iedereen weet toch wel hoe een wasmachine, droger en spoelbak er uitziet;0) Ik besloot het te verfraaien met een lief laden kastje en een gezellig plankje met mijn verzameling Hollandse souveniertjes. En ik word erg blij van t ontwerp van mijn gieter. ( 50 cent in de kringloop = score!)

Love and Liefs, Johanna.



14 thoughts on “Ohlalalaundry Room

  1. I’d sing “la, la, la,” too, if my laundry room looked like that! Very attractive and I love that’s it’s actually decorated, instead of just a room with major appliances! Is it always that tidy (and peaceful and calm)?

  2. Thank you Linda. Delftware is right, and I am especially fond of the little houses. My husband travelled a lot for his work an he would get them on the plane as a little gift on some trips.

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