Photographer’s / Blogger’s Chagrin, Part I

So I like my blog and the photo’s I use to look cozy and tidy. But let me enlighten you about what sometimes happens behind the scenes. I made this photo a while ago, when we were still living in the lease house.The house was quite dark and when there was a sunny spot, I had to work fast.


Dus ik vind erg leuk dat de foto’s die ik gebruik voor mijn blog er netjes en gezellig uitzien. Maar laat ik eens wat licht werpen op wat er soms achter de schermen gebeurd! Deze foto maakte ik een tijd geleden toen we nog in t huurhuis woonden. Dat huis was erg donker en als er een zonnig plekje was, dan moest ik snel werken.

Rabbit Creature and Manikin were working hard with me and we were having a great time.


T Konijn Wezen en Tekenpop werkten hard met me mee en we hadden veel plezier samen.

Then Charley came into the scene, stating that enough was enough and it was her time for a nap in the sun. Rabbit Creature choose to ignore her but Manikin started arguing right away.


Toen verscheen Charley op t toneel, verklaarde dat t zo wel genoeg was en dat t tijd was voor haar dutje in de zon. T Konijn Wezen verkoos om haar te negeren maar Tekenpop begon gelijk te ruziën.

Charley was having none of it and simply planted her sizeable behind where she wanted it. Rabbit Creature got hurt in the pocess and needed to stay in bed for a couple of days with a coldpad on its head. Manikin was speechless.


Charley werkte er rap mee af door eenvoudig haar brede achterwerk te landen waar ze t wilde hebben. T Konijn Wezen raakte hierbij gewond en moest t bed houden voor een paar dagen met een ijszak op t hoofd. Tekenpop was sprakeloos.

Charley simply nodded of with a sigh of delight whilst Manikin started yelling at her in the background…


Charley begon gewoon aan haar dutje met een zucht van genoegen terwijl Tekenpop in de achtergrond naar haar begon te schelden….

Love and Liefs, Johanna.


15 thoughts on “Photographer’s / Blogger’s Chagrin, Part I

  1. I love hearing about the creative process. I was going to say which photo was my favorite, but when I went back to count it’s placement, I saw them all again, and I just can’t get enough of Charley. (But I do LOVE the way she is looking at Rabbit Creature. ) And I suspect your house is ALWAYS cozy. If not always tidy.

  2. Needles to say, Charley and I are very close friends and with my photos in mind, I am so lucky that she has a very expressive face. Really, I am just waiting for day she tarts talking;0) When it comes to my house: You have been to The Netherlands so maybe you learned about the National Obsession with Cleanliness! Hugs from Ohio

  3. Very funny story and I can relate to the helpers! 😉

    PS: When you have time, could you let me know where you bought that fabric used in the apron? I LOVE it so much I want to make a spring dress out of it, if I can. If you bought it online by chance, please send a link when time permits. Long shot, but I thought I’d ask, just in case it was something you purchased recently. 🙂

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