Lost in Translation…

“How do you spell ‘love’?”( – Piglet )”You don’t spell it…you feel it.” (- Pooh)  ― A.A. Milne

English as a second language is still an adventure. Look what new words and expressions I learned lately.

Engels als een tweede taal blijft een avontuur. Kijk nu eens wat ik de laatste tijd aan woorden en uitdrukkingen geleerd heb.


To dilly dally = treuzelen

Moonshine (as a drink…) = illegale gestookte drank

Frogging your knitting = aftrekken van breiwerk

In the doldrum= somber, inactief

Suits me to a T= perfect

Rigmarole= langdraderig en ingewikkeld proces

Humdinger= verbazingwekkend

Going South= de verkeerde kant op gaan in figuurlijke zin

To snarfle up your food= luidruchtig eten

To have a booboo= een wondje hebben

To make a boo-boo ( yes, this one needs a hyphen)=  blunderen

To feel blase= onverschillig

To put your John Hancock= handtekening zetten (John Hancock tekende als eerste de Verklaring van Onafhankleijkheid van Amerika)


Love and Liefs, Johanna


12 thoughts on “Lost in Translation…

  1. I was in the doldrums, making boo-boos, just snarfling my food, dilly-dallying until I felt blase. Then I had a humdinger of a drink of moonshine, which suit me to a T! 🙂

  2. I’m supposed to be the English vocabulary expert, and now you are teaching me! I had to look up “frogging your knitting.” Something, by the way, I’ve had to do often, yet never had a word for it other than “unravel.” I’ve worked closely with translators in my career. Your English is among the best I’ve ever read. If you ever want to translate any of my stories into Dutch, just let me know!

  3. I think, because it is my second language, I am always fascinated with words I do not know. However, I am careful with using sayings and expressions since I once said that someone had something on his sleeve instead of up ;0) One many blunders…

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