Have a Great Weekend!

‘The better the fruit, the more wasps to eat it.’

-German saying

Have a calm and pleasant weekend. Do not stir the hornet’s nest;0)


Heb een kalm en prettig weekend. Geraak niet in een wespennest verzeild ;0)

Love and Liefs, Johanna

ps This enormous hornet’s nest sat in a little tree just down the road and became visible now the leaves are falling. It has a strange beauty.

ps Dit enorme horzelnest ( een soort wesp) hing in een kleine boom verder op in de straat en werd nu pas zichtbaar omdat de bladeren beginnen te vallen. Ik vind t van een vreemde schoonheid.


6 thoughts on “Have a Great Weekend!

  1. Wow, that may be the biggest wasp nest I’ve ever seen. I ran into a couple of stingers last week while investigating a ground nest – I guess they didn’t like me getting that close! For some reason this year, there seems to be an unusual amount of ground nesting wasps in our area – not so many “paper” nests in the trees.

    • Actually, it was the biggest I have ever seen too. And since it was so close to the road and with children around, it had to be removed. I felt a bit sorry when seeing al this clever engineering ! We had two ground nests in our garden and a nest in the wall of the garage as well. I was stung twice and the neighbor had a good laugh when he saw me running around waving my arms;0) They are fierce ful creatures!

  2. This is my first autumn in Idaho after living in southern California for 18 years. I am enjoying it SO much. I even envied you finding a hornet’s nest. Maybe by next year I will be able to feel blase about all the beauty — but don’t count on it!

  3. Well, Susan, I am happy you are in a good place. I just looked at the map and really that was quite a move! The climate in Idaho must be so different from California! And no, I do not think you will ever take Mother Nature’s beauty for granted ;0)

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