An Act of Random Kindness and a Very Big Thank You

‘Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.’

-Scott Adams

Well, have a cup of tea and listen to this story of how an act of random kindness saved us from disaster and made the world a lovely and pretty place.


With our family being a traveling and emigrating mix of Dutch and Canadian nationality,  with American visas and in the proces of applying for the Green Cards, you can imagine that crossing the border can be a bit of a hassle and we always have to be prepared to answer questions of any kind. So we have a Backpack with Important Papers containing all our passports, visas, emigration papers, identification papers, etc,etc. Usually I keep the credit cards, money and cell phone in there as well and guard it all the time, slightly nervous…

Until this weekend whilst visiting Canada, I did the unthinkable and left the Important Backpack behind in a washroom of a Starbucks. Panic does not even describe my feelings close when I discovered it, half hour later whilst driving on the highway. The love of my life and my youngest son kept their wits together and phoned the Starbucks. As it turn out a Lovely Woman found our Backpack and recognized its importance. She left her name and number and despite the fact she was on her way to an appointment, she made a detour to bring the Backpack to a local police station for safety. I cried with relief and gratitude  when we picked it up.

When we spoke to this Wonderful Woman on the phone and expressed our thankfulness, she was only happy that we were united with our papers again because she had been so worried for us. She expressed the wish, that whenever she would be in trouble someone would be kind and helpful to her.

So here you have it…please always be kind to those in trouble. It really makes the world a better place!

ps: we did not send her flowers but a Starbuck gift card seemed so much more appropriate ;0)


Nou neem maar een kopje thee, hier t verhaal van zomaar een vriendelijk gebaar dat een ramp met hoofdletter R voorkwam en de wereld zo’n mooie en prettige plek maakte.

Met alle emigratie processen gaande in de laatste 8 jaar, kunnen jullie je voorstellen dat we steeds van alles bij de grens kunnen verwachten. Dus we hebben De Rugzak waar Canadese en Nederlandse paspoorten, Amerikaanse Visas, Emigratie papieren en verblijfsvergunningen, identiteitsbewijzen, geld, creditkaarten etcetc inzitten. We zijn altijd dwangmatig voorzichtig met De Rugzak en controleren steeds waar t is en of alles er nog in zit.

Maar afgelopen weekend in Canada, deed ik t ondenkbare: ik liet t hangen in een toilet van een koffiecafe en we ontdekten t pas een half uur later in de auto op weg naar Toronto.

Nou t woord paniek dekt de lading niet!!! De liefde van mijn leven en mijn jongste zoon belden direct met t cafe en ontdekten dat een ONGELOOFLIJK aardige mevrouw t had gevonden en haar telefoonnummer had achtergelaten. Ze was op weg naar een afspraak maar maakte een omweg via een politiebureau om daar de tas veilig af te geven. Ze had onmiddellijk door hoe belangrijk t was. Wat een ENGEL! Een half uur later had ik De Rugzak weer en barste ik in tranen uit van pure opluchting. Daarna had ik pas mijn stem weer om de Engel zelf te bellen en uitvoerig te bedanken.  En ach, ik moest er tegen praten om haar adres los te peuteren want zo zei ze: ‘Ik hoop dat ik ook aardige mensen tegen kom als mij zoiets gebeurd”


Kortom…, wees altijd vriendelijk voor mensen in de problemen, het maakt de wereld echt mooier!

Ps: We hebben haar geen bloemen maar een vette geschenkbon gestuurd van dat koffiecafe (zit door t hele land), dat leek wat meer gepast ;0)

Love and Liefs, Johanna.


19 thoughts on “An Act of Random Kindness and a Very Big Thank You

  1. That is a really great story, and I’m glad it worked out for you in the end! How frightening! I always believe in being kind and generous to strangers (and people I know too!) it will always be repaid in some way. Cath

  2. Jeepers! That must’ve been a rough period, before you got your belongings back! I’m so happy for you that it all turned out well! And, yes, people are really good at heart.

  3. Thank you Kerry, it was really scary. Had we not gotten our papers back we would have bee stuck in Canada for at least a week, it would have cost us a lot of money and months to get all paperwork back again. And how wonderful it feels too, to have confirmed again that indeed people are good at heart! ♥ Johanna

  4. Hi Johanna,
    I’m happy for you that you are re-united with your papers again. I can easily imagine that horror of discovering the missing rucksack.
    Best regards from southern Texas, and may you never be separated from your documents again,

  5. What a wonderful story–there are some wonderful people out there. I like that you gave the woman a Starbucks gift card. It sounds like an absolutely perfect way to thank her.

  6. So glad that the nice lady took care of your precious rucksack!
    I totally agree on being kind to others, and that it makes an impact on people’s lives and the community. What goes around comes around 🙂

  7. Aren’t people wonderful? I truly believe that most people want the best for others and will go out of their way to make good things happen. Evil is not our true nature, and we should not let the concept of it be promoted as the norm.

  8. Johanna, I received the Starbucks gift certificates and am so very thankful….but most of all I am relieved that you have your important documents. I will think of you with a smile each time I enjoy a Starbucks coffee.

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