Aliens Among Us and Have a Great Weekend

‘Assimilate this!’

-Worf, Star Trek: First Contact


What in Grimm’s name, are these?

It is a good thing we do not live on Snowy Mountain, my shrieks would have set in motion the most terrific avalanche!


Wat in Grimmsnaam zijn dit?

Het is een goed ding dat we niet in de eeuwige sneeuw op een berg wonen, mijn gekrijs had een geweldige lawine in gang gezet!

Love and Liefs, Johanna.



8 thoughts on “Aliens Among Us and Have a Great Weekend

    • Ha, I hought I heard it mentioning on BBC news ;0)
      Well, and how embarrassing …they are empty shells of the harmless 17 year cicade, who makes my garden sound like a jungle at night. Poor things have been brooding underground for 17 years, climb out and change suit and than this silly woman starts yodeling… but they are a bit creepy still! Hugs to you to my dear!

  1. Oh Susan, I did look up those Jerusalem Crickets and no wonder that one can say that when one is startled ;0) Those are even worse!! Are they visitors in your garden? Ohoh, these poor dearies are only empty shells from the 17 year cicada: I was screaming all for nothing ;0) But the mystery is solved and use the garden hose again! Hugs for you!

  2. Well, I must say your pictures of the cicada are much more scary than the actual thing! I remember when I was little, living in Columbus, OH, finding the empty shells and putting it on my clothes to wear like a pin. Now, let’s not go telling anyone cause they might think I was (am) weird! LOL

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