Preparing for Winter, Part II

Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.

-Robert Louis Stevenson

The other day I mentioned how every season already shows signs for the next one. Well summer in Ohio has peaked. The flowers are slowing down and the green leaved look a little tired.


Laatst merkte ik op dat elke seizoen al de tekenen voor t volgende laat zien. Nou de zomer in Ohio heeft zijn hoogtepunt bereikt. De bloemen bloeien minder uitbundig en het groen ziet er wat vermoeid uit.

A couple more weeks and fall will start.


Nog een paar weken en de herfst gaat beginnen.

I see the signs everywhere. Mother Nature always has beauty to show.


Ik zie de tekenen overal. Moeder Natuur laat altijd Β wat moois zien.

Love and liefs, Johanna.



7 thoughts on “Preparing for Winter, Part II

  1. haha, Annie, you absolutely right…but being more a fall and winter person, I love seeing those first signs of fall and winter! How long will the summer last Minnesota? Hugs from a warm day in Ohio;0)

  2. Oh, I am also a fall and winter person πŸ™‚ We can see the first frost in September. I will let you know πŸ™‚ Annie

  3. I love the thistle photo. I took a picture of a thistle growing behind our back yard shed that I thought was so beautiful. Then my sister who lives next door looked at me like I was a lunatic. She warned me if I didn’t pull that weed that day, she was coming over the fence to do it herself. This is my first summer in Idaho, and I thought it was beautiful. To the farmers around here, thistles are pesky weeds that are so hard to get rid of you NEVER let them grow as tall as I did.

  4. Well, I do not want to cause rivalry between sisters…but you were right;0) These thistles are very important for pollinating insects, for food and winter shelter. And they attract the beautiful thistle finch and other birds in fall. Once dried by nature, you can use them for fall and Christmas arrangements (frugal note: in a flower shop you pay 10 dollar for a bunch of 6…) In your garden, you can keep them easily under control, because they grow in a group and you can pull them in spring. A useful and beautiful habitant f or your garden! (now I hope I converted your sister too;0)) β™₯ Johanna

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