About That Little Bookcase

When I was showing of my new workroom, I expressed the desire for a little bookcase.


Toen ik zat op te scheppen over mijn nieuwe werkkamer, liet ik me ontvallen dat ik nog een klein boekenkastje wilde.

So from this…


Dus van dit…

To this….


Naar dit..

And Tadaaa:


En Tadaaa:

Love and Liefs, Johanna

ps I have more craftbooks but there a somewhere in one of my boxes with books. Still waiting for the big bookcases…sigh.

ps Ik heb meer handwerkboeken maar die zitten ergens in 1 van mijn dozen met boeken. Wacht nog steeds op de grote boekenkasten…zucht.


9 thoughts on “About That Little Bookcase

  1. No, Annie, I am not that good that I can sew a dress. But I do alter clothes so they fit me better. Finding clothes that fit is a nice challenge for me since I am 6foot two and a bit on the skinny side ;0)

  2. Thank you, Christina. I was around Gothenburg for a vacation once. However: the two red ones were a present from my husband, who worked in Sweden quite often. And the blue one was a lucky find in a thrift store.I love them very much and they wander through the house as they please;0) Knuf, Johanna

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