Have a Great Weekend!


The weather is going to be lovely and here in Ohio we have all the time to ourselves this weekend. So…it is going to be walks in the park, finishing that dining room and lots of reading and knitting.


What are your plans?

Het weer wordt heerlijk en hier in Ohio hebben we het hele weekend voor onszelf. Dus….lekker wandelen in t park, de eetkamer afmaken en vooral veel lezen en lekker breien.


Wat zijn jouw plannen?

Love and Liefs, Johanna.



11 thoughts on “Have a Great Weekend!

    • Dear Linda, Well…that lovely weather turned into cozy rain showers;0) We got caught during a hike this morning and Charley dog is still mad at us! Knitting happily now with a cuppa at my side :the world is still perfect! BTW How did your job training go? Enjoy the rest of your weekend too! Johanna.

      • Ah, the weather can be so unpredictable! Poor Charley. But he’ll get over it. Training went well and I’m now hard at work at home. Guess I can’t say I’m retired anymore. I suppose I could say I’m rewired! Ah, well, gotta do what we gotta do. If I only didn’t have to eat! LOL

  1. Hi Johanna,
    Have a nice weekend, too. Here, we’ll be taking it easy, as it’s going to be hot. In a few minutes, though, I’ll be out for another bike ride wirh my friend Craig, before it gets really sweltering hot.
    Take care, and enjoy your weekend,

    • Hey Pit, I really tried to convince the Power that Be to send the rain towards Texas:no such luck! Hope you and Craig had a good bike ride and lots of cold ice tea/ texan beer after wards! Johanna

      • Hi Johanna,
        Thanks for trying to “convince the powers that be”. 😉 Well, we’ll have toi accept the weather/climate herabouts just as it is. As you have to in your area. Our ride was fine, btw: 14 miles in not too hot weather, even if the road was without any shade. But the wind you yourself create while riding a bicycle helps a lot to cool you down. We didn’t have any beer or ice tea afterwards, though. I had some orange juice and mineraly water. What I need to make again is what we call “Apfelschorle” in Germany: 1/4 to 1/2 apple juice mixed with mineral water. That really replenishes lost electrolytes.
        Have a nice Sunday afternoon and evening,

  2. Ohoh Annie, that cold rain is here too. Yes, excellent knitting weather! We should exchange results one of these days, how are those mittens coming a long? I loved that yarn! have a wonderful evening and Sunday, Johanna.

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