Charley Dog Says:’ Don’t Fence Me In!’

I really like this wooden fence in my garden with the plants and branches growing over it. It looks a little romantic and rustic.


Ik vind dit houten hekje in mijn tuin erg leuk met de planten en takken die er zo mooi over heen groeien. Het ziet er wel romantisch en landelijk uit.

Charley does not agree, especially when mom is on the other side.


Charley is t daar niet mee eens, en vooral niet als vrouwtje aan de andere kant van t hekje staat.

She starts auditioning for the re-make of ‘Lassie come home’ right away. Such a little drama queen;0)


Ze begint gelijk haar auditie voor de re-make van ‘ Lassie come home’. Ze kan zo t theater in ;0)

Love and Liefs, Johanna.



11 thoughts on “Charley Dog Says:’ Don’t Fence Me In!’

  1. Haha, Linda, do not worry: this spoiled little princess gets two one hour walks each day and always has her mom near by and really is the centre of the universe ;0) And I suspect, same applies for your ‘Royal company’!

  2. Hallo Johanna,
    da kann ich Charley Dog gut verstehen! Übrigens, “Don’t fence me in” ist einer meiner Lieblingssongs.
    Liebe Grüße aus dem südlichen Texas,

    • Gutentag Pit,Das hundchen findest das grosartig von dir! Verzeihung aber wir haben kein Ringel ‘s’ ;0) Ohoh, my German is so rusty, thats why I like to read your blog in German, an entertaining and interesting way of keeping up the German laguage. I love vintage music and this tune sticks so pleasantly in ones head all day, good for humming;0)
      Charley gibt ihre liebe Gruse, auch fur Stella.

      • Hallo Johanna,
        kein Problem mit dem “Kringel s”. Du kannst auch zwei “s” dafür nehmen. Oder, wie es ganz ganz früher einmal war, “sz”. Daraus ist das “Kringel s” nämlich entstanden, und deswegen heißt es auf deutsch auch immer noch “esszett”. As to your German being rusty: at least you can read and understand German, and speak some. But I don’t speak Dutch [it’s “Nederlands”, isn’t it?] and can only read/understand a very few words. But I do ike to try and read your Dutch in your blog here.
        Best regards from southern Texas,

    • Hey Annie, I thought you might, having your photo’s in mind! The funny thing is, Charley is in the garden and I was standing on the drive making a photo of that little fence. You can see her vaguely in the first photo. But as soon as silly girl finds out , she can not get to mom she will start whimpering: a very loving and devoted dog ;0) You should have heard when I by accident once locked her up in the basement….she needed a 20 minute belly rub for consolation!

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