How was your weekend?


So we had a great time with our boys  in Toronto. They are doing very well: always a good feeling to find our brood in perfect order ;0) Not that I worry…too much.

Anyhue: we saw the RED2 ,very funny! Had good meals, city walks, interesting thunderstorms and breezy sunny weather, good conversations: it was an excellent weekend. I did not bring my camera, I really wanted to focus on my boys!


Now back to daily order. Not too bad either because I have finished my workroom:bright and spacious, the best I ever had. My little  ‘photo studio’ in front of the window, the big old desk, discarded by a factory in France my husband had a job many years ago, the hutch I told about here…all my stuff!!!


Sally has already put on a dress that needs alteration and is carrying my camera bag: what an industrious girl!

The only thing it lacks is a little bookcase…I still have one box with handcrafting books and nicknacks.


Hoe was jouw weekend?

Dus wij hadden een gezellig weekend met onze jongens in Toronto. Het vergaat ze prima: altijd een goed gevoel om je kroost in goede conditie aan te treffen ;0) Niet dat ik me zorgen maak…niet veel hoor.

Maar goed: we zagen RED2, erg leuk! We hadden uitstekende maaltijden, stadswandelingen, interessant onweer en prachtig zonnig weer met een briesje, goede gesprekken: het was een uitstekend weekend. Had de camera niet bij me, ik wilde alleen mijn jongens in beeld!


En nu weer over tot orde van de dag. Ook niet slecht want ik heb mijn werkkamer af: licht en ruim, de beste die ik ooit gehad heb. Mijn kleine ‘foto studio’ voor t raam, t grote oude bureau afgedankt door een fabriek in Frankrijk waar mijn man een klus had jaren terug, t dressoir waar ik hier over vertelde…al mijn spulletjes!!! Sally heeft al een jurk aangetrokken die vermaakt moet worden en draagt de cameratas: wat een nijver meisje!


Er moet alleen nog een boekenkastje bij…ik heb nog 1 doos met handwerkboeken en prullen.

Love and Liefs, Johanna.



6 thoughts on “Bliss

  1. Hi Johanna,
    glad you had a great weekend and a wonderful family reunion. As to your workroom: how absolutely tidy. I wish I could aver have mine only looking somewhat like yours! 🙂
    Best regards from southern Texas,
    P.S.: Here it was just a lazy weekend, except fot the fact that I started riding my bicycle again on Saturday. 11 miles only, but a nice beginning.

  2. Hi Johanna! Such a lovely work space. Ideal for creative and clear thinking. Envious!
    After prolonged wind and rain, the sun is now shining up here in northern Sweden. Actually enjoying the cooler climate here after returning from hols in the UK during a heatwave…
    Best wishes, Christina

    • Tack Christina, I am so pleased with this room, I can yap about it all day , before I notice my sons yawning extensively ;0) Well, Ohio in the summer is hot or humid hot. Now it is just hot and that is actually quite nice. Enjoy your cool weather, its good for knittig and chrocheing. Love, Johanna

  3. Hi Johanna, your room to be creative is wonderful! I did not know that you sew too. I have not sewed in years but have been thinking about it lately 🙂 Annie

  4. Thank you Annie! My sewing does not go far: I tried my hand at quilting and such but alas…no patience and not enough skills. But I like to alter clothes so they fit better and small projects: just like my knitting; ;0) What do you have in mind for sewing projects?

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