Have a Great Weekend…With Sunshine!

‘Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows.’

― Helen Keller

The house we leased the past few months was lovely and it gave us the opportunity to get to know the neighborhood and all the time we needed to find our new home. However, it lacked light, sunlight.

Not so in our new home. How I enjoy the bright light of sun coming in through all windows. And I am not the only one….

Have a great weekend with hopefully lots of sunshine!


Het huurhuis waar we de afgelopen maanden hebben gewoond was erg mooi en t gaf ons de mogelijkheid om de buurt te verkennen en alle tijd om ons nieuwe thuis te vinden. Maar t was een donker huis, er kwam geen zonlicht binnen.

In tegenstelling tot ons nieuwe huis. Ik geniet zo van t heldere licht van de zon dat door alle ramen binnenkomt. En ik ben niet de enigste…

Heb een geweldig weekend met hopelijk veel zon!

Love and Liefs, Johanna.


10 thoughts on “Have a Great Weekend…With Sunshine!

  1. Have a lovely weekend yourself! Thanks for this great quote from Helen Keller. I recently read her bio, so impressing! Big hug from Norfolk.

    • Thank you Dina, Helen Keller,s story is remarkable and ispiritional. I was so touched too by the loving friendship and devotion to Helen by her teacher and care taker Anne Sullivan and Polly Thompson. Wonderful women!
      Love, Johanna

  2. I know how you feel. I once lived in an apartment with little sunshine–and can remember clearly how wonderful it was to move to a south-facing sunny house.

    The quote by Helen Keller is really interesting. Given her visual impairments, I wonder if she sensed the beauty of sunshine primarily by it’s warmth on her skin.

    • I am so pleased to see the Helen Keller quote so appreciated. Many years ago, I worked as a nurse in a clinic for visual and often also hearing impaired children and I found that when you have to relay on other senses, those become more sensitive . For the deaf children, music was equally enjoyed by the feeling on the skin and vibration in the body. And the same goes for sunshine , the warmth on the skin. I learned so much from ‘my’ children,in how to communicate in different ways and being creative!

  3. Helen Keller was a wonderful and inspiring woman , I am happy you enjoyed the quote. I wrote above to Sheryl about my experiences with visual and hearing impaired children. A precious learning experience for me.

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