Charley Dog Says: Have a Great Weekend!

Mom: ‘what’s up Charley?’

Vrouwtje: ‘ Wat is er aan de hand ,Charley?’


‘Go away, I feel depressed and want to be alone!’

‘Ga weg, ik voel me depressief en wil alleen zijn !’


Mom: ‘ Depressed, hmmmm. Could it be that big chunk of Gouda cheese you stole and gobbled down? Might you feel a little sick from it now? What you need is a good walk in Mother Nature, that will cheer you up!’

Vrouwtje:’ Depressief, hmmmm. Zou t dat grote stuk Goudse kaas kunnen zijn dat je weggriste en opschrokte? Zou je daar een beetje akelig van zijn? Wat jij nodig hebt is een ferme wandeling in Moeder Natuur, dat zal je opvrolijken!’


‘ You were right, mom, I feel much better now! Hey y’all, have a Great Weekend !’

‘Je had gelijk, vrouwtje, ik voel me veel beter nu! Hey y’all, heb een Prettig Weekend!’

Love and Liefs, Johanna.


8 thoughts on “Charley Dog Says: Have a Great Weekend!

  1. And a great weekend to you,
    P.S.: And eat the Gouda yourself! 😉 Here, btw, Sally likes to steel my bread. She ate nearly a whole loaf one day last week!

      • Hi Johanna,
        Sally felt absolutely fine after that. Quite snug and satisfied. 😉 Here’s another story of her and the cats working together to steal bread [].
        As to her ears: she really has long ones, doesn’t she? And you can hear them flapping loudly when she shakes her head. Those ears must be the bloodhound in her genes. She has quite a bit of that. Plus, very likely, some Doberman. More about her here:
        Best regards, and have a wonderful Sunday,

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