Be Still My Heart

Be still my heart, we are almost there!Just a few more days and we will move to our final destination, our new home.


Vol verwachting klopt mijn hart! Nog een paar dagen en dan gaan we verhuizen naar onze vaste bestemming, ons nieuwe huis.

Since we knew that our current home was temporary, we only unpacked the necessary things and a few personal items to create a pleasant nest. Most of these boxes have been packed for almost a year.


Omdat we wel wisten dat ons huidige huis maar tijdelijk was, hadden we alleen t noodzakelijke uitgepakt en wat persoonlijke spulletjes om een knus nest te maken.

Oh, I can hear our lovely stuff softly singing to me;o)


Oh, ik kan al onze heerlijke spulletjes al zachtjes horen zingen;o)

And because these photo’s are somewhat boring, I will ask Moddi to sing about his home again. Now our home is not as his at the sea but the feeling is the same: enjoy!

En omdat deze foto’s wel wat saai zijn, zal ik Moddi vragen om weer over zijn huis te zingen. Nu is ons huis niet aan zee als t zijne maar t gevoel is t zelfde: genieten maar!

Love and Liefs, Johanna.







4 thoughts on “Be Still My Heart

  1. This post brings back memories of when we lived in temporary housing for awhile years ago. We also had lots of boxes that we never unpacked. I remember the disorder–my children remember how much fun they had playing hide and seek amongst the boxes.

  2. Well, it is the eleventh time I move house.Although I am ready to settle down now at this moment, I do not mind it too much: new adventures everywhere;0) But….it is SO MUCH easier without little children! I remember one time when my youngest was 4 and escaped my attention and ‘played’ in the garage: he had painted several boxes, a bicycle and his shoes bright pink ….

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