Charley Dog Has Hurt her Tail and Pride

I am not feeling to well and I am bit upset. When I was walking , I was attacked by two big mean dogs. The poor elderly lady who walked them did not know the dogs and was doing a neighbor a favor. The poor elderly lady almost came to fall! Luckily my dad rescued me and took me home whilst mom comforted the poor elderly lady who was crying and helped her to bring the two big mean dogs home.


Ik voel me niet zo lekker en ik ben wat overstuur. Toen ik ging wandelen, werd ik aangevallen door twee grote gemene honden. De arme oude dame die ze uitliet, kende de honden niet en ze deed t voor een buurvrouw. De arme oude dame kwam bijna te vallen! Gelukkig, baasje redde me en bracht me naar huis en vrouwtje troostte de arme oude dame die erg huilde en ze hielp haar om de twee grote gemene honden naar huis te brengen.

The two big mean dogs bit my tail and I was wounded. Mom is a nurse and she took care of it. Mom is good with panic and crisis but when all is calm again, then she gets the shakes.


De twee grote gemene honden hadden in mijn staart gebeten en ik was gewond.  Vrouwtje is verpleegster en die verzorgde het. Vrouwtje is goed met paniek en crisis maar als alles weer kalm is dan krijgt zij de bibbers.

Dad is working at home so she put my bed in his office and she sat down there as well to calm down with her knitting, still muttering about irresponsible dog owners. Dad is a good listener.


Baasje werkt thuis dus sleepte vrouwtje mijn mand naar t kantoor en zij ging er ook zitten om te kalmeren met een breiwerkje, nog mopperend over onverantwoordelijke hondeneigenaren.  Baasje kan goed luisteren.

I am going to sleep it of, I feel better already. Ha, all is well that ends well.


Ik ga maar eens lekker slapen, ik voel me al een stuk beter. Ha, eind goed, al goed!

Love and Liefs, Johanna.


6 thoughts on “Charley Dog Has Hurt her Tail and Pride

  1. Aw, poor baby. Mean bullies. Somebody ought to beat up the owners. Bet that’s the last time that lady agrees to walk those dogs. Poor thing. I’m glad everyone is okay. It really could have turned out much worse.

  2. Well, we did have a good talk with the owners and they had not realized the elderly lady was going take them for a walk! She only needed to have them play in their back yard. I still think even for that she was too frail.They were quite shocked and will make sure to have a more suitable dog sitter and better instructions next time. So no physical punishment was needed for;0) Charley says Thank you, our princess is making the most of the situation and getting quite spoiled!

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