For King and Country

Feeling the Dutch nationality and unity is described as The Orange Feeling.  It refers to the last name of the Dutch Royal Family: Van Oranje, which means ‘From Orange’ which refers again to an area in France that the family once owned.

That is also the reason the National Dutch sport teams and their fans dress in orange.  April the 30th is the celebration of the Queen’s birthday and by tradition, a day with lots of festivities and….indeed orange colored foods and drinks.

This April the 30th is a very special ‘Queen’s day’ because after being reigned by women for 110 years, Queen Beatrix will take of her crown and enjoy retirement and her oldest son will become King Willem-Alexander. It will give 14 hours of live television (unheard of!) and even more festivities and I think even those who are most opposed the Royal Family will feel a little Orange;0)

At home here, I will feel a little Blue…with  being a little home sick for that Orange Feeling on such a day….


Iedereen veel plezier gewenst met de Troonswisseling . Ohoh, ik zie jullie allemaal gezellig voor de buis zitten met oranjebitter en oranje HEMA- tompoezen en even lekker rondwentelen in Het Oranjegevoel.

Ik zet zelf mijn kroontje op en zwaai met een vlaggetje en eet nog maar eens een sinaasappeltje en voel een beetje de Blues en een beetje groen en geel van jaloezie in plaats van Oranje…

Love and Liefs, Johanna.


2 thoughts on “For King and Country

  1. Thank you Annie, that is so kind. And I will have a very good day …and with all modern technologie , I won’t miss a thing and can share with the ‘home front’ right away;0) Johanna

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